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SSC M-2088 Plasma Sidearm

Like the M-882, this model was sitting around unfinished for a long time. I just barely finished this piece in time for Wonderfest (driving to Louisville with the windows down and wet paint curing in the back of the car).

Several years ago, a thread was started on the Starship Modeler forums which was focused on the very popular Leif Ericsson model. Very quickly, fans of this model began to flesh out the broader universe this ship implied: The Strategic Space Command. I became interested in the more personal aspects of the SSC: what do their equipment look like?

This piece, along with the M-882, make up my idea of the weapons technology of the SSC military.

The power cartridge is removable, and is held in place by two rare-earth magnets. I created a second cartridge, with the intent of lighting it to show the level of charge. Unfortunately, the final effect didn't come out quite right in person and is even worse in photographs—the LED simply didn't put enough light through the fibers to be clearly visible in these pictures.

This model makes heavy use of a variety of Alclad II paints: "Steel" and "Gold Titanium" for the main piece, and "Duraluminum" for some parts like the power-packs, the mode selector switch and the barrel heat-sink. All the visible screws are real.

This model won a Silver award at Wonderfest 2012 in the "Original Sculpt/Scratchbuilt" category.

The following pictures show some construction details.