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M-1104 Plasma Sidearm

This 1:1 (Full scale) scratchbuild is a futuristic weapon of my own design.

One of my goals for this model was to go the extra mile of building a 1:1 prop that is as functional as possible, meaning that not only do the trigger and safety switch articulate, but the ammunition magazine is removable, and the weapon can be field-stripped to its basic components.

To achieve this level of functionality, it was necessary to build with very close tolerances in the parts that intermesh. If I had a milling machine, this would be fairly easy, but my primary tools for this project are limited to a Dremel, a 1" belt sander, and hand-tools. To overcome this limitation, I built the core frame of the model using nesting extruded aluminum purchased from Home Depot. The body of the weapon was then built up from this frame using Magic-Sculp epoxy putty.

Special Thanks go to Mel Williams for turning the barrel on his lathe for me.