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Daedalus Re-Imagined

This article is a re-print from my old website from some years ago. I've noticed that there are a a few links to the old page out in the wild-wild-web, so I've resurrected this content in my new website. Hope you enjoy it!

I'll be honest... I've never liked the Daedalus design. I've always found it uninspired, with terribly gross lines. As a precursor to the famous "Starship Enterprise" of Star Trek fame, I think it's a clunker. When the design for the Enterprise from the series of the same name was released, I decided to re-imagine the Daedalus to better match the revised technological and visual canon from this prequel series.

I intended this design to fall somewhere between the "NX-01" of the series "Enterprise" and the original TOS Enterprise. The "Starship Daedalus" needed to respond to both the super-detail of the contemporary design and the simplicity of the classic. Also part of the challenge was refining the relatively gross lines of the original Daedalus design without departing significantly from the original structural arrangement.

I built this model in Blender several years ago. Unfortunately, I've since lost the original mesh file in a hard-drive failure. There's a lesson for you folks: always back up your important files!

If I ever get a yen to build this as an actual model, I may rebuild the mesh. Until then, all I've got left are these pics, and a poster I made. Enjoy!